12-speed derailleur to 3-speed AW conversion

My friend, Rod, needs a bike.  The most suitable bike in my garage is a 12-speed Peugeot in very poor condition.

Today I have been in the workshop with Rod getting this bike ready to ride.  However he doesn’t want 12 gears and would rather have a 3-speed hub gear.  (Obviously my enthusiasm for hub gearing is contagious.)

The existing steel rims rim are only fit for the scrap metal store, so I found two nice Rigida alloy rims and built one onto the existing front hub and the other onto an AW hub.  Meanwhile Rod stripped down the rest of the bike – with a little guidance here and there.

I have narrowed the back of the frame to take the new hub then Rod refitted the bottom bracket.

After Rod left I fitted the wheels and chainset.  Unfortunately the chainline is not perfect, but it is good enough to ride.  A new bottom bracket and chainset to correct this would be over budget.

We will continue work on this tomorrow.

(7 September 2010)

Everything is now completed and running nicely.  It just needs a pair of tyres, which have been ordered, and the bike will be on the road.

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