Sturmey Archer 4-speed Hubs

Early Sturmey Archer 4-speed hubs

The Sturmey Archer 4-speed hubs started in 1939 with the AF close ratio 4-speed and the FM medium ratio 4-speed. Both of these hubs had primary and secondary gear trains.

Both of these 4-speed hubs were aimed at the club/racing cyclist.

In 1941 production was halted due to the war effort.

The Sturmey Archer FW 4-speed hub

The FW started in 1946 and was more suited to the commuter cyclist. It has compound planet pinions and two sun pinions which allow the drive to be run as a single simple gear train or a single compound gear train.

Reintroduction of the early 4-speed hubs

The AF 4-speed hub was reintroduced in 1947 as the FC.

The FM was finally reintroduced in 1952.

Availability of 4-speed hub parts

Although none of these hubs are now in production many parts are the same as used in the common AW hub so repairs can usually be made.

Some parts are now very hard to find such as low gear pawl pins for the FW hub and the dog clutch and secondary planet cage for the AF, FM and FC hubs.

I have pattern pawl pins which are indistinguishable from the originals. I also have a limited number of original NOS and good reclaimed dog clutches and secondary planet cages and some other hard to find parts in stock. So, in most cases I am able to repair and restore these hubs.

Please note – I am unable to supply obsolete parts as they are needed for repair work. Pattern parts can be supplied to UK customers only on an “as time allows” basis.


Sturmey Archer 4-speed Hubs — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Colwood wheel works, I have a set of stainless Westwood rimmed wheels fitted to my Raleigh Superbe, the rear Hub is a SA FG four speed dynohub. I have changed from running a SA AG 3 speed. I have recently obtained a four speed brass gear lever, as well as one half of the two piece indicator toggle chain. Specifically the toggle chain half. The part I am missing is the indicator part that can be seen indicating ratio position from the opposite axle end. I have heard it is possible to have one made. Especially by someone such as a model machinist. Can you help?



  2. I have complete pattern sets in stock which my engineer has made but the threads are different to the original Sturmey Archer threads. They will work as a set but not as individual parts as they won’t marry to the original threads. To have one made you would need to find and engineer with the correct equipment to form the Sturmey Archer thread. I’m not aware of anybody at can do this.