Date Matched Sturmey Archer Spares

Sturmey Archer spares are available from many different places but not many sellers or repairers will be able to match the spare part with the date of your hub.

Functionally this isn’t really a problem as parts from early hubs are in many cases interchangeable with parts from later hubs. However if you want to maintain your hub as an authentic original you will want a correctly dated replacement part fitted.

Date matched Sturmey Archer spares - clutches

Sturmey Archer spares can be date matched. These clutches are sorted by date period ready for fitting.

Clutches are a good example. There were three different designs of the standard clutch during what I like to refer to as the classic period (1936-1990)

With just two exceptions, any of these clutches will fit and work in any classic Sturmey Archer hub. Functionally a clutch is a clutch, but a late clutch in an early hub means the hub is no longer original. If the original part is not available, fitting a later compatible part is the way to go, but if the original part is available surely it would be better to fit that and keep the hub as it was meant to be.

I have a large stock of original Sturmey Archer spares from different periods. I will usually be able to fit the correct date matched part for your hub.

Sturmey Archer Spares in Stock

Whilst preparing this article I checked my stock of Sturmey Archer Spares. I have the following clutches in stock ready to fit to your classic Sturmey Archer hub:

K505 – correct for all 3-speed and 4-speed hubs prior to 1951 (I have both NOS and reclaimed)
K505A – correct for most 3-speed and 4-speed hubs from 1951 to 1965 (I have both NOS and reclaimed)
HSA117 – correct for almost all 3-speed and 4-speed hubs after 1965 and all 5 speeds prior to 1990 (These are brand new and are still available.)
L9 – correct for the SW 3-speed hub (I have both NOS and reclaimed)
K5 – correct for all K series hubs (No reclaimed clutches left in stock. I have had some accurate pattern K clutches made which are now awaiting hardening and should be with me soon)

I also have many other classic Sturmey Archer spares. These may be brand new, NOS or reclaimed depending on which part is required.


Date Matched Sturmey Archer Spares — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Vince
    I am interested in pricing of your SA clutches. The K5, K505, K505A and HSA117. Do you have a stock of Peter Read’s book on Sturmey Archer and if so how much? Do you also have any BSA hub gear parts? I am looking for the left side axle cone and a complete left ball cup with pawls. Thank you for your time.

  2. Although I do have one set in stock I am unfortunately unable to sell these other than as part of a repair carried out in my workshop.

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