Better than a bike shop

My father always told me "You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear" He also spent many years showing me how to get very close to doing just that. I pride myself on providing the highest quality bicycle repairs. I aim to offer you a service that is better than your local bike shop.

I offer a complete bicycle repair service with fixed price servicing so you will always have a good idea how much your bill will be before work starts. Nobody likes nasty surprises, and I like happy customers.

I Will Always Try To Save You Money When I Repair Your Bicycle

Economical bicycle repair but not a bike shop

Bicycle repair in the Colwood Wheel Works workshop.

I will not charge for parts unnecessarily; for example, if both brake cables need replacing often the rear cable can be reused on the front, requiring only one cable as a new part. I will also use a good used part rather than a brand new part at a substantial discount, subject to availability and your own wishes. I supply small standard sundries such as nuts, bolts, plain washers, cable tidies, etc without charge as part of a service or repair. (I do need to make a charge for specialist parts in within these categories, such as Sturmey Archer nuts and washers and similar as these tend to be quite a bit more expensive than standard items.)

I am not a bike shop so I do not sell new bicycles and only very occasionally have used bicycles for sale. However, I will never advise you to have your bicycle repaired unless it will be cost-effective.

If you do need a new bicycle I will advise you to visit a reputable bike shop. Your local bike shop staff are experts in providing new bicycles and will ensure your new bicycle is correct for you and is supplied fully assembled and safe to ride.

Your local bike shop is unlikely to be sympathetic if you have bought a bicycle from a catalogue or supermarket. As I am not a bike shop I will not be offended if you bring it to me for assembly.

Fixed Price Servicing

Bicycle safety checks are available free of charge. All other work is chargeable at the following rates.

Puncture repairs

I will always fit a new tube if available and replace the rim tape if necessary. If an inner-tube of the correct size is not available (i.e. obsolete size) I will attempt to repair the existing tube.
The price of this is £16 per wheel including tube and rim tape if required. Tyres are not included in the price.
(Due to the extra work involved the price is £26 for rear wheels on bicycles with a fully enclosed chaincase.)

Full Service

Includes adjustment of the headset, bottom bracket, wheel cones, brakes and gears. Also includes a check on the security of all parts and fittings. Wheels will be examined and will be re-trued as necessary (if possible). Tyres will be checked for wear and damage.
The cost of a full service is £45 which includes labour only.

Brake Service

Includes re-truing of both wheels (on bicycle only - if wheels need attention off of the bicycle extra charges will apply) and adjustment of cones, adjustment and lubrication of both brakes. Also includes cable and brake block replacement as required.
The cost of a brake service is £30 which includes labour only.

Dérailleur Gear Service

A check on the condition of the chainset, rear sprockets and chain will be necessary before the service can begin. Service includes; adjustment of bottom bracket and rear wheel cones. Functional cleaning of rear dérailleur mechanism. Adjustment of front and rear dérailleur mechanisms and replacement of cables if required. Simple repairs and adjustments to controls is also included.
The cost of a dérailleur service is £30 which includes labour only. Initial pre-service checks are carried out free of charge.

I am still repairing bicycles during the current lockdown with social distancing measures in place to protect us all. Please phone for details. As always I will do whatever I can to make you feel welcome.

Call 01323 848667 for further information or to book in your bicycle for repair.

Thanks Vince you have done a fantastic job, my bike is now running smoother than when I first bought it! I will definitely be using you in the future and not going to any of the "mainstream" bike shops. Thank you.

Jase Brooker