Sturmey Archer Sprocket Problem Solved

Sturmey Archer sprockets can be a real problem on early (pre 1951) hubs. Early 12-spline and threaded sprockets are difficult to obtain and early threaded sprockets are difficult to change.

I generally like to keep hubs in their original condition as much as possible, but sometimes a compromise is necessary.

3-splined driver for modern Sturmey Archer sprockets

A 3-splined driver which will take all modern Sturmey Archer sprockets

Threaded Sturmey Archer sprockets use the same thread as standard fixed sprockets so it is possible to fit a fixed sprocket if an original threaded sprocket is not available.

It is possible to use modern Sturmey Archer sprockets (which are easily obtained and easily fitted) on a pre 1951 hub if you are happy to have the driver changed for a modern equivalent.

Changing a driver is a relatively simple task which you could do yourself. Alternatively I will very happily do the work for you.

Sturmey Archer Sprockets and Driver Change Prices

Driver change prices – including driver

To fit a new driver – £23.00
To fit a reclaimed driver – £18.00

If you don’t want your original driver I will offer you a discount

Discount for threaded driver – £4.00
Discount for 12-splined driver – £7.00

Optional special offer for AM hubs only – whilst changing your driver I can change the axle key at the same time free of charge. This will enable you to use a standard AW toggle chain instead of the original very difficult to find indicator set.

To supply and fit an original driver on an adapted hub

To fit a reclaimed 12-splined driver – £35.00
To fit a reclaimed threaded driver – £25.00

Sturmey Archer Sprocket

Chrome Sturmey Archer sprockets are available in sizes from 13T to 22T

Modern chrome Sturmey Archer sprockets can be supplied from £2.50 each.

I have a very limited supply of reclaimed 12-splined Sturmey Archer sprockets at £30.00 each and original reclaimed threaded Sturmey Archer sprockets at £20.00 each.


Sturmey Archer Sprocket Problem Solved — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve got both a TF and a TC hub and I’m looking for 15 and 16 t cogs in the 12-spline pattern; or, better yet, looking to see if the 12-spline drives on these hubs can be replaced with drives that take later 3-spline cogs.

    Is this possible, and can you do it?

    If not, can you supply — or find — 12-splined cogs in a 15 t size?

    Many thanks.

    Patrick Moore
    Albuquerque, NM USA

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