Bicycle Wheel Building Courses at Colwood Wheel Works

Unlock the Art of Bicycle Wheel Building with Expert Guidance

Ready to elevate your skills in bicycle wheel building? I'm delighted to offer two comprehensive learning pathways tailored to enthusiasts and professionals alike:

Online Video Course

Immediate Access: Begin your wheel-building journey within minutes by enrolling in this exclusive on-demand online video training.
Comprehensive Content: Benefit from carefully crafted video modules designed to impart essential skills and techniques.

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Bicycle Wheel Building Video Course


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1-Day Bicycle Wheel Building Course (Online + Private 1-to-1 Tuition)

Hybrid Learning Experience: Combine the convenience of online learning with the hands-on expertise of a full-day private 1-to-1 training session in my Hailsham workshop.
Personalised Guidance: Receive individual tuition and guidance from me, Vince Warner, ensuring you grasp each concept and technique thoroughly.

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1-Day Bicycle Wheel Building Course (Online + Private 1 to 1 tuition)


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Why Choose Colwood Wheel Works?

With a blend of online resources and personalised training, I'm committed to equipping you with the skills and confidence to excel in bicycle wheel building. Join me at Colwood Wheel Works, and let's transform your passion into expertise!