Sturmey Archer

In this section of the Website I will share my passion for Sturmey Archer hubs.

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Hub Repair and Servicing

The Hub Gear Syndicate which was soon to be called Sturmey Archer began making hub gears in 1902. Design changes happened every few years until in the 1930s the company standardised production with almost all hubs produced around their A-series design. From that time many parts were interchangeable. For instance there was just one clutch which would fit all three speed hubs and all four speed hubs. They continued developing and producing hub gears and other related products until the factory was closed and the business sold to the Taiwanese company “SunRace” in 2000.

Sturmey Archer S3C

Sturmey Archer S3C – 3-speed hub gear with coaster brake.

Sturmey Archer are best know for their hub gears. The AW 3-speed hub is well known even to people who don’t ride a bike.

The Dynohub was introduced in the 1930s and continued into the 1980s.

Sturmey Archer also made many other bicycle parts and at one time even made gearboxes for motorcycles.