I am able to repair, service and restore most Sturmey Archer hubs.

The prices on this page are a guideline to what you are likely to pay to have your Sturmey Archer hub serviced.

Sturmey Archer Hub Repair

Sturmey Acher Hub Gear Repair

The aim at all times is to preserve your hub without losing any originality. Obviously this is not always possible and sometimes a compromise will be necessary.

Replacement parts will be fitted when needed and available. These may be good perfectly usable parts which have been reclaimed from old unrepairable hubs. I also have some NOS parts, brand new parts and some specially made pattern parts.

In most cases, your reconditioned hub will be mechanically as new. Sometimes, due to lack of available parts, this will not be possible. I will always repair your hub to the best condition possible with the parts that are available.


Prices here are for the labour costs of a complete strip-down, cleaning, inspection, rebuild and lubrication. Parts will be charged extra.

For me to repair your hub you will need to visit my workshop at least once, as I do not offer a mail order service.


Group 1 - £60

AW 3-speed
AM 3-speed
SW 3-speed
AB 3-speed brake
AT 3 speed tandem brake
S3B 3-speed mini brake

Group 1a - plus £20

AG 3-speed Dynohub

Group 2 - £75

K 3-speed
KB 3-speed brake
AC 3-speed
AR 3-speed
FW 4-speed
FM 4-speed
FC 4-speed
S5 5-speed

Group 2a - plus £20

FG 4-speed Dynohub
S3C 3-speed with coaster brake


GH6 Dynohub service - £35

Sturmey Archer Hub Repair - Replacement Internals

In some cases, it is easier and cheaper to fit a replacement internal than have a full Sturmey Archer hub repair. I have some already serviced AW/AT and AG/AB Sturmey Archer hub internals ready for sale starting at £60. These can be date matched to your hub shell if required.

For other Sturmey Archer hubs please contact me for a quotation.

Hi Vince,
I've been meaning to do this for a long time - I'm at home today with a bit more time than usual.
You fixed an FM hub for me that was slipping in 'Low' a while ago.
Just wanted to let you know I took the bike on a short tour of the Lincolnshire Wolds earlier this year - 175 miles and plenty of 1st gear hills, and it was faultless throughout. Thanks very much, look forward to joining one of your SA days next year.
Kind regards,
Pete Fuller

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