A Trip To Milton Keynes And A Book Deal

Yesterday I took a train ride to Milton Keynes to meet Pete Read the owner of Pheonix Hub Gears and the UK’s leading expert on all Sturmey Archer gears.

A worthy competitor to Colwood Wheel Works and also a good friend. We had a very enjoyable time together discussing hub gearing as well as other more personal things.

I came away from Milton Keynes with a nice box of scarce Sturmey Archer spares including a few SW hubs which were going to be scrapped.

I also now have permission to distribute Pete’s excellent book which features every hub which Sturmey Archer produced prior to the 2000 takeover by SunRace including some that never went into production. This book deserves a place in every bicycle repair workshop.

I will be working out distribution methods over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, if you are interested in knowing more, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “A Trip To Milton Keynes And A Book Deal

  1. James says:

    Hi Vince

    How are you getting on with distributing this book. Being a member of the V-CC is this something that could be published through them.


  2. Vince says:

    The book is only available as a PDF file. I’m considering making a Website for it where it can be paid for and downloaded without any interaction from me. I’m just a bit too busy to get working on that right now.

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