Sturmey Archer Internals

I have been restoring some older Sturmey Archer Internals. I currently have two historic hub gear internals ready to fit AB or AG hubs.

Pre 2000 A-series Sturmey Archer internals are interchangeable. A 1990s internal can fit into 1940s hub shell and will still work perfectly. However, if you are restoring an old bicycle it is nice to have your gear internal date matched and authentic with the rest of the bike.

An Early Sturmey Archer Internal

Internal to fit a Sturmey Archer AG or AB hub. This fully restored internal is from the period 1940 to early 1951 and is priced at £70

These older internals are uncommon and usually take a lot of work to restore to “almost as new” condition. Date matched Sturmey Archer Internals are therefore quite a bit more expensive than a standard “off the shelf” internal. I do of course always try to keep prices reasonable and affordable.

Over the next few weeks I will be restoring several more Sturmey Archer Internals from various periods. These will include internals for AW, AT, AG and AB hubs. They will be available at prices starting from £40

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