Motorcycle Wheels

Specialising in wheels for older motorcycles I offer a complete motorcycle wheel building and repair service.

Maybe your wheel just needs a re-tension or re-true.  No job is too small and I will re-true your motorcycle wheel for just £30.

If your wheel is a bit beyond just a re-true then rebuilding may be necessary.


Motorcycle Wheel Rebuilding Prices

The cost for rebuilding your motorcycle wheel depends on whether I need to supply parts.   I have fixed prices so you will know how much the rebuild will cost you before you agree to the work.

If you already have all the parts the cost is £80 per wheel.

To rebuild with high quality stainless steel spokes and nickel plated brass nipples is £160 per wheel.
(Galvanised spokes are also available if required)

Your wheel may need a new rim.  Steel Dunlop/Jones style rims are available as unfinished bright steel (ready for painting or other refinishing), chrome plated or stainless steel.  Alloy rims are available valanced or non-valanced.  Prices of rims vary depending on the finish and size required.

Important Note

Please resist the temptation of dismantling your wheel before you bring it to me as there are some important measurements that I need to take.  I will take the measurements and dismantle your wheel for you and then give you the hub and rim back for any refinishing work that you might need to do.  Meanwhile I will be able to order the spokes ready for building.

If you have already dismantled your wheel please don’t worry.  It just means my head will probably hurt a bit while I try to work things out.  I don’t charge any extra for a painful head 🙂

Call Vince on 01323 848667
and ask about the unique Colwood Wheel Works 5 year guarantee!

(Regrettably I am unable to provide a mail order service for motorcycle wheels.)

I am not the cheapest, because I always try to be the best!