Sturmey Archer Sprocket Problem Solved

Sturmey Archer sprockets can be a real problem on early (pre 1951) hubs. Early 12-spline and threaded sprockets are difficult to obtain and early threaded sprockets are difficult to change. I generally like to keep hubs in their original condition … Continue reading

Sturmey Archer Internals Date Matched To Your Hub

An Early Sturmey Archer Internal

I have been restoring some older Sturmey Archer Internals. I currently have two historic hub gear internals ready to fit AB or AG hubs. Sturmey Archer Internals Can Be Date Matched Pre 2000 A-series internals are interchangeable. A 1990s internal … Continue reading

Ladies Bicycle

This pretty 10 speed ladies mountain bike is fully serviced and ready to ride. The rear dérailleur has been stripped down, cleaned, lubricated and rebuilt. The front wheel cones have been replaced. Everything has been checked lubricated and properly adjusted. … Continue reading