Clearing My Stock of Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle Wheels! I can’t move for Bicycle Wheels!

Storeroom full of bicycle wheels

This is just some of what’s in the storeroom.

I have a storeroom which is so full of bicycle wheels that I can’t get into it.

I need to clear these as quickly as possible so I would like to invite you to visit my workshop and have a browse.

I will be clearing them at very silly prices as the space is far more valuable to me than the wheels.

More Bicycle Wheels!

Among this collection of bicycle wheels are ATB wheels from the 1990s, many NOS, many hand-built by my father.

Some of the wheels

These are some of the wheels which I have taken out to photograph.

New wheels, second-hand wheels, ATB wheels, road wheels. Available as individual wheels or in bulk.

Come and grab a bargain!

3 thoughts on “Clearing My Stock of Bicycle Wheels

  1. David says:

    hi there, i am in possession of a FM 4 speed hub. my question is, can i remove the non drive side cone/ mechanism from the hub. the internal part of the non drive side appears to be threaded. Any suggestions besides “good luck” the non drive cone is pitted. kind regards, Dave.

  2. Vince Warner says:

    The left cone can be removed without any risk of damage. The left hand ball-cup is a different matter and needs the correct tool for safe removal. Replacement cones are readily available as they are still used in modern hubs. The left ball-cup is obsolete and unavailable without a huge amount of luck on your side.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi, I am after a 20x 1 3/8 wheel with a Sturmey archer S3C hub. Might you have something like that?
    Cheers, Jim

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