Sapim Bicycle Spokes

Sapim bicycle spokes and nipples are, in my opinion, the finest wheel building combination available. These spokes are made with the good quality stainless steel and are accurate and consistent in their quality. The “Polyax” nipple design is clever, simple and unique and will fit any rim better than a standard nipple from other manufacturers.

I am very keen to offer my customers the best wheel building service possible. In my effort to offer only the best I am gradually replacing my existing double butted spoke stocks with Sapim Race and Sapim Laser.

I can now build your bicycle wheel with Sapim spokes at a small premium over my standard prices.

Race spokes are the “standard” Sapim butted spoke and will add just £5 to the price of your wheel rebuild over the cost of the DT Swiss Competition spokes that have been my standard stock. “Race” offers a quality advantage and very small weight advantage (approximately half a gram per spoke lighter) over DT Swiss Competition.

Sapim Laser Spokes - Lightweight and excellent quality.

Sapim Laser are the lightest cycle spoke stocked by Colwood Wheel Works

Laser spokes are the lightest butted spoke available and can be supplied at an additional cost of just £10 per wheel over the cost of DT Swiss Competition. “Laser” offers a quality advantage and a better weight advantage (approximately 2 grams per spoke lighter) over DT Swiss Competition.

As I have a huge amount of old stock to use up and my current Sapim stock is limited to only the most common sizes I will not automatically offer Sapim as an alternative. If you would like your wheels rebuilt with Sapim spokes please ask when you place your order. I will gladly meet your wishes if I have the spokes available.

It is my aim to eventually replace all of my butted stock and to offer both styles of Sapim double butted spokes.

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