Sturmey Archer TF 2-speed

Restored Sturmey Archer TF3

Restored Sturmey Archer TF3

Defeated by a free-wheel for the first time in my life!  The wretched thing just wouldn't turn no matter what I did!  The hub was made in 1933 and the free-wheel could well have been fitted at around that time.  It had to come off and I tried every trick that I knew (and I know quite a few) but unfortunately it just wouldn't budge.  It was finally removed by a blacksmith who knew a few tricks that I didn't know and also had access to a lathe and the skill to use it.

The hub was returned to me in pieces, which saved me from having to dismantle it 🙂

The internal components were in very good condition with just a few imperfections on the edges of the planet pinions.

I rebuilt the hub lubricated and adjusted it, then bench-tested it to find that it would not engage low gear. After some research I discovered that the indicator spring was incorrect so I replaced it with the correct spring and it now works perfectly.

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5 thoughts on “Sturmey Archer TF 2-speed

  1. dogxcd says:

    just saw this-have been after a tf for ages
    I don't suppose that you'd sell it ,would you?
    I have a 1937 claud butler that would suit it perfectly

  2. Vince says:

    I am unable to sell the hub as it belongs to a customer.

  3. Ben says:

    This is now old, but to anybody reading this, the TF hub does not have a freewheel, it's a fixed gear hub with 2 gear options.

  4. Vince Warner says:

    You are, of course correct; the TF2 is a 2-speed fixed-gear hub. However, a freewheel was made to fit this hub, and that is that component that I had the problem with. Since working on this hub, I have discovered a few things about the uncommon, optional freewheel. If I ever see another one of these with a freewheel fitted, I am confident that I will be able to remove it myself. The wonderful thing about working on old bicycles is that, no matter how long you have been in this business, there are always new things to learn.

  5. Giles says:

    Do you have any of these tf2 hubs Fod sale?

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