Bicycle Projects
The Sturmey Archer Clutch

The Sturmey Archer clutch appeared in 1921 with the introduction of the K series hubs. Earlier Sturmey Archer hub gears did not have a clutch but used a completely different method of engaging the various gears. This article covers all Sturmey Archer clutches from 1921 except N.I.G clutches. Clutches for K Series Hubs K5   […]

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For Sale
Date Matched Sturmey Archer Spares

Sturmey Archer spares are available from many different places but not many sellers or repairers will be able to match the spare part with the date of your hub. Functionally this isn't really a problem as parts from early hubs are in many cases interchangeable with parts from later hubs. However if you want to […]

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Hub Gears
The S3B 3-Speed hub with 55mm Drum Brake.

I was handed an interesting little hub the other day.  I'd never seen an S3B before.  I checked the Sturmey Archer Heritage site to see what the date run was and to have a look at an exploded drawing. The hub was made from 1967 to 1976.  The one I had in my hand was […]

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