1947 Sturmey Archer AW

I bought this hub at a very nice price on eBay. Had a problem with the seller not accepting my PayPal payment, but that's another story.

The hub is a Sturmey Archer AW from 1947. It was described by the seller as untested, which sometimes means there is a problem that the seller is unwilling to admit to. However on this occasion I believe it was genuinely untested.

A Sturmey Archer AW hub from 1947

The Sturmey Archer AW hub from 1947

I have dismantled the hub this morning. Although it might function as it is, it really does need some replacement parts. With a hub of this age I am always torn between having it functioning perfectly and keeping it original. As I will not be riding this gear but will be using it for my Sturmey Archer Course I will be keeping this one in it's original condition.

The gear ring is of the early staggered dog design. I would struggle to get an original replacement for this part, but as there is considerable wear to the direct drive dogs I would need to replace this with a more modern part if it were to go back into service.

Sturmey Archer AW Gear Ring 1947

Worn Gear Ring Dogs

There is a small amount of wear on the clutch and pawls, but not enough to be of concern. However the pinion pins are also very worn and are due for replacement. The more modern pins are of the same design but are of inferior quality.

The sprocket is of the screw-on variety and is worn.

Otherwise the hub just needs a good clean and it is ready to ride.

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