Ladies Bicycle

Ladies Bicycle

Apollo 10 Speed Mountain Bike

This pretty 10 speed ladies mountain bike is fully serviced and ready to ride. The rear dérailleur has been stripped down, cleaned, lubricated and rebuilt. The front wheel cones have been replaced. Everything has been checked lubricated and properly adjusted.

This very nice ladies bicycle is now sold

2 thoughts on “Ladies Bicycle

  1. Carol says:

    WOW! that was a nice bike. I’d love to have that kind of mountain bike. But i prefer to have scooters or motorbike for my personal use.

  2. I would change two things. Upper tube should be placed much lower (for ladies). Standard external derailleur should be replaced by internal one (Nexus or Alfine). It would make the bike more reliable and maintenance-free (for ladies again) 🙂

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