The Valve Parts Tin

Valve Parts Tin

The Valve Parts Tin

This old spark-plug tin has been used to store valve parts for as long as I can remember. I have childhood memories of rummaging through the valve parts tin for a dust-cap or a woods valve with a good bit of rubber so I didn’t have to replace the perished rubber on the valve I had in my hand.

Any old inner-tube which was being thrown away would have the valve parts removed and thrown into this old spark plug tin.

Rummaging was always an interesting experience. Trying to find the part you needed was a bit like a lucky dip. Sometimes we would tip the whole lot into a tray to find the part we wanted. Once the part was found all the other bits would need to be tipped back into the tin.

While sorting out the workshop this week my attention turned to the valve parts tin. I couldn’t bring myself to part with this piece of my family’s history with such memories attached, but it did need sorting out.

I tipped all the parts into a tray (for the last time) and sorted them into small bags. Then I put all the bags back into the tin.

The next time I need a dust cap or a rim nut I will be able to go straight to the right bag. I will save myself a lot of time but I will still have the pleasure of using my Dad’s old, and now very tatty, valve parts tin.


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