Rare Sturmey Archer Indicators (Toggle Chains)

Pattern Sturmey Archer Indicators from Colwood Wheel Works

My engineer is now making pattern Sturmey Archer indicators and toggle chains for K, TF, FW, FG, FM, FC hubs. These hard to find parts are now available.

I examined two prototypes which were very good indeed. Just a couple of very minor changes were required which my engineer is implementing on the sets which he is now making.

These are accurate pattern two part sets. They include both the indicator rod and the pull rod complete with toggle chain.

These sets will work as they should and they will look right. The threads are slightly different (stronger) than the original Sturmey Archer threads so these will only be supplied as matching sets.

Orders are now being taken for these Sturmey Archer indicator sets. Please phone 01323 848667 to enquire about a set for your hub and to place your order.

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Rare Sturmey Archer Indicators (Toggle Chains) — 10 Comments

  1. A current project is a 1936 RRA. The frame is with the painter/frame shop, decals have been sourced, Lauterwasser bars found in Denver, wheels next. The TF 5 hub (1935?) has a badly worn freewheel which has been carefully removed. This revealed a splined joint, as worn as the sprocket teeth. Can the unit be serviced and made useful?

    Don Price
    SE Michigan

  2. I have a FW hub, bought used eBay.

    upon disassembly I have discovered that it has the wrong indicator chain and the indicator rod is missing.

    what would these parts cost including slow and cheap shipping to Pacifica CA, 94044

    many thanks

  3. hi I need an indicator rod to suit a sturmy archer hub stamped ‘KB3’
    its a 3 speed, what is the price for one made with a matching chain ?


  4. I am looking for an indicator chain and rod for a K series hub. The hub is labeled “K5”.

  5. I’m looking for a chain for a sturmey archer TF5. I’m French and it’s hard to find this piece

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