Update on Sturmey Archer Course Launch

The curriculum for the Sturmey Archer course is more or less decided. I will be running a trial day soon with two of my friends as guinea-pig students. I will then be making any adjustments to the curriculum and my teaching methods that may be necessary before launching the course.

I will update the “Courses” page when the curriculum has been finalised.

Finding insurance at a reasonable price has been difficult, but I have now succeeded with this.

My workshop has always been a private place solely for my own use. Until now, it hasn’t mattered too much if has been untidy. I am now undertaking the long and tedious process of sorting out the workshop so that it is suitable for training members of the public both safely and efficiently. My friend who works in health and safety is going to check everything over and help me to do a “risk assessment” and any other health and safety / legal stuff.

My aim is to run the first course sometime in August. I want this course to be the very best I can make it so that people leave at the end of the day having confidence to tackle the repair of any Sturmey Archer gear on their own. I also want my students to feel that they have received really good value for money.

One thought on “Update on Sturmey Archer Course Launch

  1. richard coleman says:

    Hi Vince
    Thanks for all the help and info this morning. All’s well on the moulton and did a bit of a spin to worthing and beyond in the midday sun today. As stated – more than interested in the two courses talked about. Look forward to seeing you later in the year.

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