Sturmey Archer Restoration and Repair Course.

I’m considering offering a one day course on Sturmey Archer Gear restoration. The course would cover epicyclic theory but would also include plenty of hands-on work dismantling and rebuilding various different hubs.

I’m wondering how many bike enthusiasts are out there who would be interested. Please leave a comment or contact me if this might interest you.

Decided to give it a go. I will be running some courses in a few months time if there is any interest.

2 thoughts on “Sturmey Archer Restoration and Repair Course.

  1. neil price says:

    great idea. these ingenious little hubs are an enigma to me…. lost first gear on mine,,,, would like to know how to fix them. i hate shimano deralia gears. sturmey archers are far superior.

  2. Vince says:

    Hi Niel,

    When you say you have lost first gear I presume the gear is freewheeling in both directions in first? If that is the case either the gear is incorrectly adjusted or the low gear pawls are gummed-up with rust or varnished oil. This is a problem with hubs that have been neglected for many years or filled with the wrong oil.

    If you attend one of my Sturmey Archer courses you will learn how to solve this problem, and many others. I should be running the first course later this year. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about the course.

    Thanks for leaving your comment.

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