Buying Hubs on eBay

I’ve been on eBay again, buying a few hubs that will be useful for the Sturmey Archer Course.

One of the hubs is a AG 3-speed with dynamo. It is dated November 1959. Apart from the sprocket (which is no better than scrap metal) the hub is in beautiful condition. I love working on hubs from the 1950s. They were so well engineered and far better than the hubs from the late 1960s onwards. This particular hub has very little wear and was perfectly lubricated. I striped it down and cleaned the oil from the internals ready for my students to work on. I will be using it for tuition and will not be using it in a bike even though it would ride perfectly.

I also bought two SW wrecks and I’m pleased I did. One of them is completely worn out and will serve to demonstrate wear points. The other is in much better condition and can be shown alongside the worn hub as a comparison.

Two SW wrecks from 1958

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