Reconditioned Sturmey Archer Hubs For Sale

When you buy a reconditioned hub from Colwood Wheel Works you will buy the very best.

Colwood supplied Sturmey Archer hubs are stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new ball bearings and new pawl springs (unless noted in description). Your hub will be fully tested and will be mechanically as new.

At Colwood Wheel Works we are proud to offer only the best quality in everything we do. That is why your hub will also come with a 5 year guarantee!

Sturmey Archer Hubs Available Now

We are currently sold out of available hubs

Hubs Available Soon

The following hubs are currently being reconditioned ready for sale

AW 3 speed - Nov 1964 - 5 3/4" axle - 40 holes - A grade
AG 3 speed 6 volts dynohub - Oct 1952 - 5 3/4" axle - 40 holes - A- grade
GH6 front 6 volt dynohub - Feb 1955 - A grade
FC close ratio 3 speed - Oct 1949 - 5 3/4" axle - 40 holes - B grade
AW 3 speed - Mar 1975 - 5 3/4" axle - 36 holes - Expected to be A grade

Shimano single speed coaster hub - 36 holes - B grade

Colwood Wheel Works Hub Grading

A grade - Perfect as new
A- grade - Almost perfect with very minor cosmetic blemishes
B grade - Some minor cosmetic damage (patina) nice used but would not pass as new