Sturmey Archer AB 3-Speed Hub With Brake

A Sturmey Archer AB hub which wasn’t as good as it looked

I bought a Sturmey Archer AB hub dated 1974 from an eBay seller. It arrived this morning and it was clearly not going to work, so I gave it a full service this afternoon.

Somebody has already tried repairing this hub

The hub has obviously already been opened and partially dismantled as some parts are missing. There is no axle-key and no thrust ring.

One of the low gear pawls was weak. One of the gear-ring pawls had jammed into it’s disengaged position.

The hub was out of adjustment so the previous “tinkerer” has not correctly adjusted the hub when they reassembled it. This doesn’t really matter though as it would never work without correct repair anyway.

I am guessing that somebody has attempted to repair this hub and that they have found it too difficult as all of the pawl pins and pinion pins were stuck solid.

I have now completely dismantled and cleaned the hub (which was not an easy task with all the stuck components) and I have replaced the pawl springs and the missing parts.

This Sturmey Archer AB hub is now in good working order and ready for my students.

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