Special Offer For Raleigh Chopper Owners

Perfect Wheels For Your Raleigh Chopper

As a discerning Raleigh Chopper owner you will want your wheels to be as perfect as it is possible to get them. If your rims and hubs are in reasonable condition there is no reason that your wheels shouldn’t be mechanically perfect.

My special Raleigh Chopper wheel service is the way to be sure your wheels are as good as they can be.

I will rebuild both wheels with new spokes and nipples. They will look good and will be strong and true.  Choose between galvanised spokes as originally fitted by Raleigh or, for an additional charge, you can have bright, long lasting stainless steel spokes.

I will remove the front wheel spindle, clean the bearing surfaces and refit the axle with new ball bearings and fresh grease.

I will completely dismantle the Sturmey Archer rear hub and clean and rebuild it with new pawl springs, and fresh lubricant. I will also replace any worn or damaged internal parts. Your hub will be mechanically perfect, just as it was when it left the Sturmey Archer factory in the 1970s.

Perfect wheels for every Raleigh Chopper owner for the very special price of just £90!



Special Offer For Raleigh Chopper Owners — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Vince for a wonderful afternoon attending your Raleigh Chopper maintenance and rebuild course.
    My MK2 looks good now, when you rebuild the wheels will look even better.
    Can only say to any Chopper owners or those looking for a rebuild project this course is a must.
    Look out for the pictures when Vince and I finish the project.

  2. Thanks for joining me for the afternoon Claire. It was an interesting and very productive afternoon, but it was only a small taster as far as a full course goes.

    Thank you for the idea and the encouragement. I can now see that it would be worth my effort to organise a full day course for Raleigh Chopper owners. Another project for me to work on 🙂

  3. Hi , how much to re spoke front and back wheel ?

    Many thanks Tony

    Can you email the price to me

  4. Hi I was wondering would you have a raleigh chopper mk 1 real wheel for sale ? thank s

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